Farr Electric Inc.

                     Commercial and Industrial Electricians

   Farr Electric Inc. is a family owned business established in 197 1 by Billy Farr Sr. The company has developed an honest and reliable alliance with several industrial plants and general contractors.

    Farr Electric Inc. provides a variety of electrical services in the commercial and industrial field, from installing a  receptacle, to replacing lights with energy saving fixtures. We also provide professional installation of conduit and wiring for new equipment or rearrangement of equipment during a plant shut down. In addition we can design and build control panels for conveyors, pumps, and other equipment to meet the customer’s need.  Our business also includes wiring of new buildings such as warehouses, retail centers, car washes, and school additions in the North Georgia area.

    We are dedicated to completing jobs in a safe and timely manner, no matter how large or small, with safety being our top priority. We follow all OHSA regulations from arc flash shields, lock outs, tag out procedures, to personal protective equipment.
We look forward to working with you on your next project.

                                    Additional Services
                      Motor Control Center Installations
                                           Main Load Centers
                                             Control Wiring
                                     Variable Frequency Drives
                                  Preventive Maintenance Issues 
                                          Safety Inspections
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